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Social Smoking Moods and Behaviors Study

All participants in the study will receive the following:

For commitment and participation in all aspects of the study, participants will be compensated at the following rate:
$120 (2 sessions)
  $30 (punctuality and study completion)
+$30 (arranging a ride home at $15 per session)
$180 total

For screening: CTA and parking passes for transportation needs
For experimental sessions: CTA passes for compensation

There is a bonus of $15 per session available for participants who arrange their own rides home, for a total bonus of up to $30. If this is not an option, a car service is available at no cost to the participant.

Blood Work
At the screening, participants will be asked to provide a small blood sample for medical analysis. Participants will be able to see the results of their Hepatic/Liver function and Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests.

Personal Insight
Answering our questionnaires may provide personal insight and feedback into feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.

Copy of the Research
Upon the conclusion of the study, all participants may request a copy of the printed article, in which they will be a part of the results.

NOTE: No individual participant will be identified in any portion of the written article to ensure complete confidentiality.

Contribution to Science
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, participants will be contributing to the scientific knowledge and understanding of the effects of common drugs on the moods and behaviors of social smokers.

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