Study Overview

Study Components

Participants in C-STOP will receive proven stop smoking methods to assist in their smoking quit attempt:
    Behavioral Coaching: Meet with a trained counselor to develop an individualized stop smoking plan
    Nicotine Patches: 10-weeks of nicotine patches to lessen tobacco withdrawal
    Study Medication: A 50/50 chance of receiving Chantix®/Varenicline (an FDA-approved stop smoking medication) or placebo

Study Timeline

All participants will complete a phone and in-person screening to make certain that participation is safe and that basic eligilbity criteria are met.

All eligible participants will then attend 4 study visits (~1 hour/each) over a 12-week period scheduled around their smoking quit date (Visit 2) and will also conduct a follow-up interview 6-months following their smoking quit date.


Subjects in C-STOP will not be paid for their stop smoking quit attempt; however, for their time completing surveys as part of the study and for travel to and from study visits, partipants will receive:
   We do not pay you to quit smoking, but you will receive an intervention at no cost ($800 value)
   You will receive public transportation reimbursement or free parking in the University garage for each visit
   For your time in completing study measures, you will receive a $60.00 gift card at Visit 4 and a $40 gift card at follow-up


If you have a question not answered here, please call the study at 773-834-2295 or e-mail them to Ashley Vena at
    Is my participation confidential?
Absolutely. Participation in the study is completely confidential, and all study information you provide will be stored using a study number instead of your name.

    Is this a registered clinical trial?
Yes. C-STOP is registered with (NCT02859142)

    How can I get more information about the study components (behavioral coaching, nicotine patches, medication)?
Call us! Study staff will be happy to explain the study in more detail and to answer any questions you may have - 773-834-2295